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Sam DeRosaSam DeRosa




Equal parts cool girl and the girl next door, Sam DeRosa is the best friend music lovers didn't know they had. Sam’s ability to write songs that capture raw emotions of love and loss has already endeared her to listeners who have connected with her heartbreakingly personal yet universally relatable lyrics.

Growing up in New York, Sam started writing her own songs at a young age, though didn’t often share her material. Sticking with popular cover songs, Sam would enter talent show after talent show, only to lose out to other contestants. Finally, when she was 15, she brought her keyboard onstage and sang an original song. The judges gave her a perfect score.

After graduating from Berklee College of Music, Sam was invited to one of her first co-writing sessions in New York. Making the drive from Boston to New York City, she co-wrote a song called "Broken." Two years and a move to Los Angeles later, "Broken" became a smash hit for lovelytheband and the doors flew wide open for Sam.

Now working with multi-Grammy award winning producer and songwriter, Shane McAnally, Sam is ready to show the world who she is not only as a songwriter, but as an artist. Her new song, "Baby I Know", is out now.